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Junita Sirait

"software developer"

Technology, Data, and Innovation at Deutsche Bank
education: Wellesley College, Computer Science and Statistics

interests: Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Science.

About Me

In addition to building practical web and mobile applications, my interests lie in applying tech and Mathematics to solve problems in our daily lives.

My passion of problem solving and patterns finding led me into competitive Mathematics during my pre-college school years. In college, Computer Science ignites this passion along with my drive to create products that assist people to make accurate predictions and decisions, as well as solve real life problems.

Skills at a Glance:

  • Languages: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R, C
  • Libraries: plotly, sklearn, pandas, numpy, React, jQuery
  • Framework: Spring Boot, Flask
  • Database: MySQL, PL/SQL
  • Mobile Development: App Inventor, Flutter
  • Version Control: Git


Investigating News Source Characterizations Using Reddit Audience-based Metrics (undergraduate honor thesis)

Overview: In this thesis, I built embeddings to represent over 2000 online news sources using their sharing statistics on the social platform Reddit. I then evaluated the usefulness of this embedding system by trying to answer questions about the characteristics of those news sources and the relationships between them using clustering and classification methods. This is an interesting problem because a meaningful embedding can help us gain understanding about news sources based on how readers perceive and share them rather than relying on their self-reported characteristics. My thesis aims to do this in a general and scalable way since my method does not rely on Natural Language Processing (NLP) thus it is language agnostic, and instead rely on the widely used discussion and sharing site Reddit.

Tech used: Python sklearn for t-SNE, PCA, SVM, various clustering methods.

Find it here: Wellesley College thesis repository for my complete thesis.

AFA Virtual Leaderboard (web app)

Overview: A responsive web application for a fencing academy (AFA), where fencers can enter their tournament results and see how they rank compared to other fencers. I also implemented user-friendly and accessible way for users of all ages to input their tournament results. Tournament results are public but only academy members can submit results.

Tech used: Flask (Python), HTML, CSS(Bootstrap), JavaScript.

Find it here:

All results for Women Cadet Foil
Personal bests for Women Cadet Foil

Cov n Good News (web app)

Overview: Cov n Good News is a web application that allows users to see the current statistics of COVID-19 in the world as well as in individual countries, as well as provides a list of good news regarding COVID-19. The statistics and the list of good news are displayed side-by-side on the page as to show users that no matter how the COVID situation may look like, there are still good happening in the world.

Tech used: Python, Flask, AJAX (JavaScript), HTML, CSS, COVID-19 API, Google Custom Search API.

Find it here:

Screenshot of covngoodnews web application

Analysis of 2020 Election Media Coverage

Overview: I create and maintain a database containing data collected by the CredLab at Wellesley College which are the news articles included in the Top Stories panel with the name of those running for president in 2020 election as the query. I then created a responsive website which hosts interactive graphs visualizing the data. The goal of this project is to aid people (especially who are not computer scientists) to make sense of the data we collected to see how Google's algorithm works in deciding which news articles to highlight and to see whether political bias exists.

Tech used: Python, Flask, Plotly, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Find it here: (The website currently under construction)

Screenshot of a heatmap
Screenshot of a boxplot


Overview: Translameme is a web application which takes as an input the URL of a text image (e.g. restaurant menus, memes, billboard, etc.) and returns the text detected in the image and the translation to the language chosen by the user.

Tech used: Python, Flask, CSS, HTML, Google Cloud Vision API, Google Translate API

Find it here: This link. Note: this project is currently unavailable because the then free API that I'm using has reached its limit and is no longer free. I am working on this project again and will update as it becomes available!

Screenshot of the form of Translameme web app
Screenshot of an example of result on Translameme web app

Wellesley in Time

Overview: Wellesley in Time is a geolocation-based Android application which uses the user’s location on Wellesley campus to display photographs of historical events and traditions that happened specifically around the user's current location, and provides reflection prompts for each photograph. If used while off-campus, then photographs are shown randomly.

Tech used: MIT App Inventor

Find it here: This link or search for 'Wellesley in Time' on Google Play Store.

Screenshot of the first page of Wellesley in Time
Screenshot of the second page of Wellesley in Time
Screenshot of the third page of Wellesley in Time


Collegiate Archery

I shoot bowhunter at collegiate level as a member of Wellesley College Archery Club under USA Archery. Along with my teammates, I have participated in and acquired medals from various archery competitions including MA Indoor Open and Star FITA, and MA Indoor State Championship.


Amateur Nature Photography

I photograph various aspects of nature, including small and medium sized living organisms, buildings, landscapes, etc. I especially enjoy macrophotography. Below are some examples of my works. Feel free to visit my instagram ( for more.